How to Make a Spell Jar

✨How to Make a Spell Jar in 4 Steps✨

Welcome to the enchanting world of spell jars! At Spirit 33, we embrace the art of spell jar creation as a means to infuse intention, energy, and symbolism into a compact vessel. Whether you’re looking to manifest love, protection, abundance, or any other desire, spell jars can be a powerful tool in your spiritual practice. Let’s explore the steps to create your own spell jar while emphasizing the importance of intention, balance, and personal responsibility.

Step 1: Prepare Your Space, Mind, and Vessel

Before casting a spell, it’s essential to create a sacred space conducive to focusing your energy. Consider smoke cleansing your jar or vessel using techniques like smudge sticks, incense, or other cleansing methods described on our Cleansing page. Clearing your mind and setting a strong intention will enhance the potency of your spell jar. For our intention and purpose as an example this time, we’ll be protecting ourself against a negative person who is draining our energy.

Step 2: Choose Your Ingredients Wisely

As you embark on crafting your spell jar, the selection of ingredients is key. Let’s explore the specific ingredients we’ll use for our example, a protection spell:

  • Base: Foundational elements should come first: you choose your base to provide a foundation and support for your intention. Your base not only provides physical support for the other ingredients, but paves the way for your intention. For our protection jar, we’ll choose black salt as the foundation. It provides not only structural support but also acts as a potent symbol of protection. Another option might be white peppercorn, to clear obstacles and ward off negative energies from someone who is blocking us. 

  • Crystals: Place crystals on top of your base to direct and amplify energy. Obsidian is the perfect crystal for our protection jar. It shields against negativity, and negative people, and helps create a protective barrier. A secondary crystal choice might be jasper, used to amplify protection and also release stress.

  • Herbs and Flowers: To banish negativity and promote protection, we’ll include the power of basil as an herb in our jar. Additional flowers or herbs can be chosen based on their unique spiritual properties–in this instance, perhaps lavender to amplify the spell and add strength.

  • Oils: Our last ingredient inside the jar! Our chosen oil will bind the spell ingredients together and infuse them with its specific properties. For this scenario, we’ll use “Angel Oil” as a protective last ingredient to cover the spell jar contents with our intentions. 

  • Candle: Seal your spell jar with a candle of your choice, representing once more your intention and adding an extra layer of energy. We’ll seal our jar with a black candle. 

    Remember–you can explore the many ingredients for spell jars both online and in-person at our Spell Jar Ingredients Page!

Step 3: Build Your Spell Jar with Intention and Balance

Now that we have our chosen ingredients, it’s time to layer them in the jar with intention and balance. Start by adding your base (in our case, black salt) as the foundation, symbolizing protection from the very start and giving the rest of our spell ingredients structure. Place the crystal on top, allowing it to amplify and direct the chosen energy.

Next, add your chosen herbs, flowers, or additional ingredients that resonate with your intention. These elements will further enhance the energy and symbolism of your spell jar. The next step is to add your oil or anything you may be anointing your spell jar with. Finally, seal the jar with the melted candle wax, ensuring it represents your intention and acts as a sealing protectant for your spell, giving longevity and preventing tampering.

* Tiny Spell Jar

Step 4: Personalize, Activate, and Display Your Spell Jar

While our example provides a foundation for your spell jar, feel free to personalize it further with additional elements that resonate with you. You can use special bases that are personally significant (soil or sand from an important place, ground coffee, shredded items, etc.) incorporate trinkets, symbols, or anoint the jar with moon water or custom elixirs. Allow your creativity to flow as you infuse your unique energy into the spell jar creation process. Just be careful about excess moisture, as it can cause flowers and herbs to mold. We want your jar to remain fresh for as long as you’d like the spell to be active!

Once your spell jar is complete, take a moment to hold it in your hands, connecting with its energy and intention. 

Activate the spell jar by speaking your intention aloud or visualizing the desired outcome. Remember, it’s your intention and energy that breathes life into the spell jar, making it a powerful tool in your spiritual practice.

NOTE: At Spirit 33, you can also choose to have your spell jar spirit guided! 

We’re here to support you on your spell jar journey!

Crafting a spell jar is a personal and sacred practice. As you infuse your intention, energy into your chosen ingredients, trust in the power of your creation. May your spell jar serve as a potent tool for manifestation and a reminder of your connection to the magickal realm!

Available in different sizes, our spell jar ingredients are designed to help you create your perfect spell jar! Whether you prefer a tiny jar for travel or secrecy, or a larger one for increased power and aesthetic display, you can create your perfect spell at on our website and at our store in Muskegon, MI. 

At our online store, you can explore our range of carefully selected ingredients, including powerful bases like black salt, crushed eggshell and many more. We also have a very wide array of crystal chips, herbs and flowers, and oils to be added to your spell jar, along with many different candle colors. Charms, spirit guiding and any other customization is available, in addition. (In person, or online.) Feeling a little stuck? Follow one of our basic spell jar recipes, email or give us a call at (231) 755-3832! Our knowledgeable and friendly staff would love to be a resource for you.

Spell Jars for the Greater Universal Good

Important: At Spirit 33, we believe in using spell jars for the greater universal good. We do not advocate for or create hexes/spells intended to harm others or introduce an outcome or result without their consent. Instead, we encourage you to focus on positive intentions and seek ways to increase confidence, magnetism, protection, purification, or any positive outcome that aligns with your highest good. By directing your energy toward positive magickal practices, you can cultivate a more harmonious and fulfilling spiritual journey.

Struggling to re-frame or translate your frustration into positive intent? Here are some examples:


Someone hurt me and I want them to experience the same pain > > > Focus on healing and protection for yourself

I want ____ to fall in love with me >>> I want to attract love and romance to myself

My coworker is toxic, and I wish they would get fired >>> My work environment will nourish and support me


While spell jars can be a powerful tool for manifestation, it’s important to remember that outcomes may vary. At Spirit 33, we provide guidance and high-quality ingredients to support your spell jar creation process. However, we cannot guarantee specific results as the outcome depends on various factors, including your personal energy, intention, and the dynamic nature of the universe. We encourage you to take personal responsibility for your spells and approach them with a positive and ethical mindset.

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