✨Moonwater Uses & Rituals✨

When you stand outside and gaze into the night sky, regardless of the moon’s phase, you can feel the power and energy it radiates. The moon has long been associated with spirituality and divine feminine energy, with “lunar” being derived from Luna, the Roman moon goddess. At Spirit 33, we tap into the moon’s power through the creation of our sacred full-moon water. Our moon water is carefully crafted using fresh distilled water, making it safe for drinking (although we recommend consuming it in small quantities). Each calendar moon possesses unique qualities based on the season and astrological alignment, making it suitable for specific purposes. Creating moon water throughout the lunar year requires dedication, but fortunately, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of the lunar cycles to harness the incredible power of the moon. We have committed ourselves to this monthly ritual, ensuring that you can easily access full-moon water dating back to January’s full wolf moon in 2021!

At Spirit 33, you can purchase moon water at any time. Each bottle is labeled with the symbolic name of the moon and its corresponding date, along with some of the associated spiritual qualities.

What can I use moon water for?
  • Cleansing: Moon water can be used to cleanse yourself through anointing or adding it to your bath. It is also effective for purifying your spaces and your divination tools, such as crystals.

  • Ritual Sprays and Diffusers: Create ritual sprays by combining moon water with essential oils, or diffuse it in an essential oil diffuser to infuse your environment with its cleansing and energizing properties.

  • Artistic and Creative Practices: Incorporate moon water into your artistic endeavors, such as painting or pottery, to infuse your creations with the moon’s mystical energy.

  • Spiritual Consumption: During spiritual rituals, whether simple or complex, you can consume moon water. It can be enjoyed on its own, used in recipes, or added to teas to enhance the spiritual aspects of your rituals.

  • Practical Magickal Cleaning: Utilize moon water for practical cleaning purposes, infusing your cleaning routines with magickal intentions and energies.

  • Plant Nourishment: Water your household and outdoor plants with moon water to nourish them and imbue them with the moon’s energy.

Goddess Water Recipe

Goddess Water Ritual

  • 2oz moon water
  • 3 drops orange oil (we recommend high quality doTERRA oil which we sell at Spirit 33.)
  • Frozen fruits of your choice (we prefer strawberries, grapes, orange slices and lemon slices)


Speak your intentions into the water and drink. Let that energy mingle with your own energy!

By incorporating moon water into your rituals and practices, you can amplify the power and intention behind your spiritual endeavors. At Spirit 33, we provide you with the opportunity to explore the transformative properties of moon water and discover its countless applications.
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