✨Moonwater Uses & Rituals✨

When you stand outside and gaze into the night sky, no matter what phase she is in, you can feel the power of the moon. The word “lunar” is a derivative of Luna, the Roman moon goddess. Can you feel that divine spiritual energy? At Spirit 33, we harness the power of the moon through the sacred creation of our full-moon water, which is carefully made with fresh distilled water, therefore safe for drinking (although we recommend drinking only in small quantities.) Each calendar moon holds special qualities based on the season and astrological placement, so it is used for different special purposes. It takes dedication to create moon water at every stage throughout the lunar year, but luckily, you don’t need to set a reminder on your calendar to harness the incredible power of the moon! We’ve made it easy for you by dedicating ourselves to this monthly ritual so that you can easily access full-moon water dating as far back as January’s full wolf moon in 2021!

You can purchase moon water at Spirit 33 any time--each bottle is labeled with the symbolic name as well as the date, and some of the spiritual qualities associated with that particular moon.

What can I use moon water for?
  • Cleansing yourself (through annointing or baths), your spaces, or your tools for divination, such as crystals!
  • Create ritual sprays or diffuse in essential oil diffusers
  • Use in artistic and creative practices, such as painting, pottery, etc. 
  • Consuming during spiritual rituals, no matter how simple or complex (by itself, in recipes like the one we are posting before, or in tea
  • Using for practical cleaning in a magickal way
  • Water your household and outdoor plants with moon water!
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